Getting your iPad Repaired Doesnit Require an Appointment

iPad Repair on your schedule is simple when you contact us.

Did your child drop your device and now you need to repair your iPad screen? Did your device stop working and now needs an iPad digitizer replacement? Beyond the Box has the experience to repair your iPad without an appointment. Our local shop welcomes walk-in iPad repairs.

Benefits of iPad Repair at Beyond the Box

Getting your iPad repaired doesnít have to involve making an appointment at the Apple store to receive quality service. Our shop in Essendon is conveniently located to handle your iPad issues.

  • We are an Apple Solution Specialist and an Apple Authorised Service Provider which means we are qualified and experienced to repair your iPad.
  • We have over 25 yearsí experience providing technology solutions to Melbourne residents, schools, and large and small businesses.
  • Our business is family owned and operated providing friendly service to our neighbours.
  • We honour the Apple warranty and will complete iPad repairs at no additional cost to you.
  • We donít require an appointment; simply stop in at your convenience for your iPad repair.
  • We handle most warranty repairs including cracked or broken screens and liquid damage.
  • Our qualified technicians are available to repair your iPad, iPad Mini and iPad Pro.
  • We use only genuine Apple parts and replacements.
  • We offer iPad backup and data transfers, liquid damage repair and recovery, battery exchanges, and of course screen replacements.
  • You will speak with an Apple Certified technician when contacting us regarding your iPad repair. We might be able to talk you through a solution for your malfunctioning device.

Problems People have with iPad Repairs that are solved by Beyond the Box

Our dependency on technology triggers an emotional response when devices quit working. When your iPad breaks, it feels as though the world is coming to an end. Bringing your broken device to us:

  • Doesnít require an appointment at the Apple Store. Stop by when itís convenient for your iPad repair, and weíll get to work.
  • Doesnít involve shipping your iPad back to the factory for repairs and waiting interminably for its return. We have one of Australiaís largest and most advanced Apple service and repair workshops. Our Apple qualified team of technicians use first-class technology to get your iPad working again.
  • Eliminates the quest to fix it yourself instead of making a trip to the Apple store. Trying to repair your iPad yourself will invalidate any warranty.
  • Removes the worry of having a non-authorised individual potentially making the problem worse or invalidating the warranty by using non-genuine parts.

Taking your broken iPad for an unauthorised repair service has the potential to cause more problems than taking the time to visit an Apple Certified technician.

Beyond the Box is a family owned and operated Apple Solution Specialist and Apple Authorised Service Provider with over 25 yearsí experience. Our experienced technicians and IT systems engineers use up to date technology on all iPad repairs. They provide excellent customer service in addition to Apple Certified repairs. Contact us for more information on the iPad repair solutions we offer or to make an appointment if you wish.