Apple Certified Technicians for iPhone 6s Plus Screen Replacement

iPhone 6s Plus Screen Replacement while you wait.

We all drop our mobile phones at some point, and phone cases donít always absorb the shock resulting in cracked or broken screens. Using an unauthorised repair shop could invalidate your warranty and provide inadequate service. At Beyond the Box your iPhone 6s screen replacement will be handled by our Apple Certified technicians using genuine Apple parts.

Benefits of Beyond the Box Performing iPhone 6s Screen Replacements

When you drop your phone, and the screen cracks it makes finger scrolling difficult, and you could potentially damage your fingers on the sharp edges. Finding an Apple Certified technician for iPhone 6s Plus screen replacement in Melbourne doesnít necessitate setting an appointment at the Apple store.

  • We are an Apple Solution Specialist and an Apple Authorised Service Provider with the experience for iPhone 6s repair.
  • Our extensive experience translates to assisting residents, schools, and large and small businesses in Melbourne with their iPhone 6s screen replacements.
  • Our neighbourhood shop in Essendon is conveniently located for you to drop off your phone or wait for repairs.
  • Our Apple certification ensures we honour Apple warranties for stress-free iPhone 6s Plus screen replacements.
  • We donít run our business by appointment unless you request one. Drop in during business hours to have your iPhone 6s repaired.
  • We only use genuine Apple screen replacement parts.
  • We also provide iPhone backup and data transfer, data recovery and battery replacements.

Problems Associated with iPhone 6s Plus Screen Replacement by Someone other than Beyond the Box

Stopping at a kiosk in the mall for your iPhone 6s Plus screen replacement carries the risk of damaging your phone further. Trying to replace it yourself without the correct parts and tools could cause further damage to your phone. Trusting the experienced Apple Certified technicians at Beyond the Box:

  • Ensures your iPhone 6s Plus screen replacement will be performed by an authorised Apple Certified technician using genuine Apple replacement parts.
  • Doesnít require an appointment and long wait at the Apple store. Simply drop your phone off while running errands before 3:00 pm and weíll fix your phone the same day.
  • Eliminates non-authorised individuals from causing further damage and potentially invalidating your warranty.
  • Dissuades you from trying to replace the screen yourself ultimately ensuring the iPhone 6s Plus screen replacement will be done properly.

Trying to fix the screen yourself or relying on an unauthorised person to perform an iPhone 6s Plus screen replacement can cause more headaches and void any warranty.

Beyond the Box has over 25 yearsí experience providing technology solutions to Melbourne and its suburbs. We are a family owned and operated business catering to our neighbours for their iPhone 6s Plus screen replacements and iPhone 6s repairs. One of our friendly Apple Certified technicians will greet you and provide excellent customer service. For more information on our services or to make an appointment if that works best for your schedule, contact our team of qualified technicians.