Trust the Professionals at Beyond the Box for an Efficient iPhone Repair

We can extend your phone ís lifespan and help you save money with an iPhone repair.

Not all problematic or broken iPhones are beyond saving. Would you rather spend money on a replacement smartphone or restore your current gadget to its former condition at a fraction of the cost? As an Apple Authorised Service Provider, we can complete any iPhone repair to the highest standards using genuine Apple components. Moreover, we can usually have your phone back up and running in the space of a few hours ñ no appointment required.

The Benefits of iPhone Repairs by Beyond the Box

You don’t need to worry when issues arise with your iPhone thanks to the skills of our experienced technicians. Here ís why you should consider us when you need iPhone repairs in Melbourne:

  • Avoid the long queues at the Apple store: You may assume the Apple store is the only place to go when you have iPhone troubles, but thatís not the case. Instead of waiting days for an appointment at the Apple store, you can bring your gadget to us for efficient and reliable repairs. Youíre welcome to book a slot with our technicians online, but you can also walk into our store during business hours and expect a professional to assist without delay.
  • Use your warranty at our store so that we can repair your iPhone at no expense to you: Weíre an Apple Authorised Service Provider, meaning we may be able to fix your smartphone for free if itís still under warranty. We don’t expect you to contact Apple before we start working on remedying your gadget troubles we’ll do the hard work for you, making the entire process as straightforward as possible.
  • Keep hold of the phone you love and need: If you’re anything like us, you depend on your iPhone for a host of daily activities, from sending and receiving emails to passing the time with your favourite games. There ís no need to purchase a replacement and redownload all your favourite apps when we can return your iPhone to its original condition.

Problems with iPhone Repairs that Beyond the Box Addresses

Our qualified technicians can remedy just about any smartphone issue, but some of the most common complications we deal with include:

  • Cracked screens: While they are becoming increasingly durable, touchscreens are still relatively fragile. Mistakenly leave your phone in your back pocket before sitting down, and the consequences may include a smashed screen. No need to worry we can carry out an iPhone screen repair efficiently and professionally. We can also recommend covers to help protect your gadget’s condition.
  • Water damage: Accidentally dropped your phone into the sink (or worse, the toilet)? If leaving your broken smartphone in rice to dry out fails to fix the problem, bring your gadget to us, and weíll have it working again in no time.
  • Bluetooth, microphone and Wi-Fi issues: Sometimes, updating your phone can remedy system problems. If thereís a different underlying issue, weíll find and fix it.

About Beyond the Box

For the better part of three decades, weíve been a family-run business specialising in all aspects of gadget repairs, and weíre proud to be one of Melbourneís largest Apple Authorised Service Providers. Call us on (03) 9372 8899 when you need a reliable, efficient and affordable iPhone repair.