Quick and Easy iPhone Repair at a Melbourne Authorised Service Provider

No appointment needed for an iPhone repair at our Melbourne store.

When your phone doesnít work like itís supposed to, a quick stop at our iPhone repair centre in Melbourne will give you the technology solution you need. Beyond the Box is one of Australiaís largest Apple service and repair shops which employs a team of technicians and IT engineers to give you the best service and technology support.

Benefits of an iPhone Repair at Melbourneís Beyond the Box

Before shipping your phone away to an Apple Repair Centre, consider the benefits of an Apple iPhone repair at our Melbourne workshop. These benefits include:

  • No appointment is needed: Although appointments are available, and your personal data is kept secure, there is no need to make one. For those times when you need your phone urgently repaired simply come into our store during business hours and talk to our friendly team.
  • Repaired by Experienced Technicians: Our knowledgeable and experienced team of technicians and IT engineers have the skills needed to fix your iPhone easily and quickly. They have worked with various versions of Apple products over the years, and we are also an approved and certified Apple Service Provider.
  • Repair of Phones in and Out of Warranty: As an authorised Apple Service Provider we can repair and service your iPhone even when it is still covered under warranty. Issues covered by warranty are free of charge and devices that are outside of their warranty still receive the same high-quality service for a fee.

Problems Beyond the Box Addresses

We can repair a variety of problems when it comes to iPhone repairs for the Melbourne Apple device lovers. With our wide range of technical and IT engineering skills we can:

  • Repair Cracked Screens: We can repair cracked screens on iPhone 6 versions or newer and have it back to you the same day. Repairs are completed using genuine Apple parts to give an Apple-certified repair and get your phone functioning the way it was designed to work.
  • Replace the Battery: For iPhone 6 and later models, we can replace the battery in our workshop. You can phone ahead to ensure that we have a replacement battery in stock.
  • Fix Liquid Damage Repair and Recovery: Our professional team will clean, repair and recover data of iPhones that have accidentally undergone liquid damage. Our technological phone solutions will have your phone in working order when you pick it up.

Our advanced Apple repair service offers you the first-class technical support you need when your phone lets you down.

About Beyond the Box

With more than 25 years experience, we are Melbourne ís leading Apple solution technicians and an Authorised Apple Service Provider. Our professional team have the skills and knowledge to rectify any iPhone problem and provide you with the best technology solutions that will get your phone working optimally. Our store ís convenient access means you can get the support you need without delay.

Contact us today for solutions to your Apple problems.