At Beyond the Box Melbourne, Screen Repair of Your Smashed Apple iPhone is No Problem

iPhone screen repair in Melbourne is a problem rapidly solved.

Do you feel as though youíre calling through a spider’s web because your iPhone screen has broken? If your iPhone is still relatively new but is no longer under warranty, it’s usually better not to buy a new one, but to have the screen repaired instead.

Benefits of iPhone Screen Repair Melbourne at Beyond the Box

While iPhone glass is quite sturdy, mishaps can happen nonetheless – especially when you didn’t keep your telephone in a protective case. At Beyond the Box, we’ve revived countless telephones while their owners had already given them up.

  • You can depend on Beyond the Box. Our company is Melbourneís premier Apple Solution Specialist and Apple Authorised Service Provider. You can feel confident, leaving your Apple iPhone screen repair Melbourne to Beyond the Boxís Apple-certified technicians.
  • You’re always welcome at our store in Napier Street, Victoria. You don’t need to make an appointment first.
  • Nowhere in Australia will you find a larger and more advanced Apple service and repair workshop. Our team of specialist technicians and IT systems engineers are well experienced.
  • We always have the necessary spare parts and tools in stock. If you come to our store, you won’t be sent back without a phone and with the “promise” that the missing parts will be there soon.

Problems Beyond the Box addresses for iPhone Screen Repair at Melbourne

The long wait until someone takes care of your telephone is usually the worst problem when you’re going to a shop for a smashed iphone screen.

  • Melbourne residents agree that nobody at Beyond the Box leaves them waiting. We pride ourselves on our excellent and swift customer service. Depending on the damage, we can often repair your telephone right away. Ten minutes and it’s done. Sometimes, we need “as long as” half an hour.
  • We look further than what you see. A fall will sometimes damage parts such as the speaker and microphone. We check those for you too so that you’ll be 100% satisfied.
  • In this respect, we can add that when we say we consider transparency self-evident, we’re not just talking about your iPhone’s screen. Should the repair and consequently the cost of your iPhone be more than expected, we’ll let you know beforehand.

One of the problems our customers encounter at other shops is that they don’t always have sufficient stock of parts for the newest iPhone models. Since we keenly follow the newest developments relative to iPhone technology, we are almost always among the first shops to order it.

About Beyond the Box

Beyond the Box is our proudly family-owned and -operated company. We offer 25 years of experience. Rely on us for iPhone repairs, but also if your iPad, Watch or Mac isn’t working.

Contact us for more information or to book an appointment. Don’t forget, however, that you’re always welcome to simply visit us. The quicker your phone is back in working order, the more satisfied you’ll be, and in extension, we’ll be satisfied too.