Come to Beyond the Box for MacBook Repair Services in Melbourne for Air and Pro Models

Does your MacBook need a repair in Melbourne?

Problems with your MacBook are a cause of stress and annoyance, especially when youíre working around a deadline. The highly skilled team at Beyond the Box is here to diagnose and troubleshoot your MacBook issues so we can get you back up and running again in no time.

Benefits of Trusting Beyond the Box for Your MacBook Air Repair in Melbourne

When you work with our company for your MacBook Air repair in Melbourne, you can always expect the following:

  • Home or office service: We understand that sometimes it is simply impossible to come to our store because of your home or work responsibilities. Upon request, one of our technicians can come to you so we can personally address any software, Wi-Fi or network issues affecting your MacBook.
  • No in-store appointment required: Making an appointment for a MacBook Air repair in Melbourne is not an issue for us! Come in and meet with one of our technicians whenever you are free. We will always make time for you.
  • Apple certified technicians: When you come to us for your MacBook repair in Melbourne, you can rest assured that you are working with a staff that has been specifically trained to fix any issues associated with your machine.

Problems Beyond the Box Addresses During a MacBook Pro Repair in Melbourne

Some issues that we work to fix during a MacBook repair in Melbourne include:

  • Start-up issues: There is nothing more frustrating than pressing the power button on your computer and nothing happens. There could be a few explanations as to why this is happening including both software and hardware issues. When you bring your MacBook Pro in for repair in Melbourne, itís important to explain to our technicians exactly what you have experienced during your boot up attempt.
  • Constant unresponsive applications: Unfortunately, if an application stops working on a MacBook, it freezes your entire computer. The only way around this is by using the Force Quit option. If this is happening to you frequently, it is always wise to bring your computer in so that a member of our team can determine if there is something else that is causing the application to malfunction.
  • Charging problems: A common issue that we handle is when a MacBook does not hold a charge after being properly plugged in. The root of this problem could be anything from a faulty connector, to a bad battery, or other internal damage with the machine.

Our team recognises how important your computer is to your everyday life and the necessity of resolving a problem quickly and efficiently.

About Beyond the Box

As an authority on MacBook repair in Melbourne, we dedicate ourselves to providing you with fast and quality service. We know the headache that comes with MacBook issues which is why we try to make the entire process as stress free as possible.

To learn more about our MacBook services, please call us on (03) 9372 8899 or click over to our contact page to send us a message.