Beyond the Box to Repair Your Macbook, Mac, Pro or Air as good As New

Entrust your Mac repair only to the best!

You treasure your Mac. A PC simply cannot compare to a high-quality Apple computer, especially when combined with excellent dedicated software. It is only self-evident then, that if you require a Mac repair, you seek capable and highly-reputed technicians. Beyond the Box in Melbourne is at your service.

Benefits of Mac Repair by Beyond the Box

You take your pleasantly light MacBook with you anywhere. It’s built for that purpose after all. But on the road, anything can happen to your trusted computer. What if a mishap occurs and your screen is broken, or your HD or SSD won’t budge anymore? Leave your Macbook repair to Beyond the Box.

  • At Beyond the Box, you’ll find appropriately trained technicians for the best results. We repair screens, keyboards, batteries, water damage and much more. If you’re not sure where the problem lies, we’ll locate it for you quickly.
  • We don’t charge for Apple warranty-covered repairs.
  • You don’t need to make an appointment first. Just walk into our shop.
  • A Macbook Pro repair usually doesn’t take us longer than an hour. While we take care of repairing your computer, you can do some shopping on Napier Street. Or come around noon and have a snack at one of the nearby restaurants.
  • We always carry sufficient stock of any Mac parts, so that your waiting time for your repaired Mac stays minimal.
  • We recover lost data and treat it with the utmost respect too. Stories abound about computer technicians who break into your computer to see what you saved on it. At Beyond the Box, we concentrate on your Macbook Air repair, so no need to remove any hard drives before bringing your computer to us.

Problems Relative to Mac Repair Which Beyond the Box Addresses

Mac users are usually quite savvy, and if they encounter a problem with their computer, they are relatively quick to pinpoint the cause. We love working together with knowledgeable people but are just as happy to help anyone who’s unfamiliar with Mac’s hardware. You can do many things yourself, but for the following problems, you’ll need a qualified technician.

We almost always have the necessary items in stock to rapidly do the following repairs:

  • Replacing the adapter
  • New battery
  • New screen
  • New keyboard
  • MagSafe jack
  • HDD upgrade or replacement

The following can take a bit longer:

  • Video chip repair: Your display doesn’t work properly, the colours are simply wrong, you have some dead pixels, or the screen has entirely gone dead. This is usually the result of a defective VGA-chip.
  • Motherboard repair: Your Mac won’t start anymore.

About Beyond the Box

Find Beyond the Box on Napier Street in Essendon, Victoria. On standard trading hours, our doors are always open for you, even on Saturdays. We are a family-owned and -operated company with 25 years of experience. To repair your MacBook Pro or Air, or to ask for information, contact us. You won’t be without a computer for long.