Managed IT & Technology Services with some Personality in Melbourne

IT managed services have traditionally been perceived as boring and dry. However, here at Beyond the Box; a Melbourne-based IT services provider – we are changing that perception.

We offer managed IT services with a smile, provided by friendly and approachable technicians who have a bit of personality. Our aim is to help customers succeed while leaving a smile on their face and a renewed trust and level of engagement with their technology.

We work with a variety of customers, including schools, kindergartens, small to medium businesses, arts organisations, not-for-profits, and enterprise customers. We offer a range of managed services, from fully outsourced and managed IT programs with remote helpdesk and scheduled visits from technicians to co-managed hybrid solutions managing a subset of IT infrastructure or a particular internal practice like endpoint security, specialist Apple device management, or tenant management of Cloud or networking environments.

One of the unique features of our managed IT services is our focus on personality. Our technicians are not just experts in their field, but they are also approachable and friendly. This approach makes it easy for customers to feel comfortable asking questions and seeking help, ensuring that their technology needs are met without any stress or anxiety.

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We understand that technology issues can arise at any time, which is why we offer the Beyond the Box Assist Helpdesk, providing telephone and remote support to end-users at their convenience. Our technicians are available to assist with any IT-related problems and provide timely solutions to ensure our customers can get back to their work quickly.

Beyond the Box has extensive expertise in providing managed services to K-12 schools in the state eduSTAR, Catholic, and independent sectors. Our services include student device management, network infrastructure design and management, endpoint security, and cloud management. Our focus is on providing a secure and reliable technology environment that enhances the learning experience for students and helps schools achieve their strategic goals.

Our managed IT services are designed to help customers succeed with technology. We understand that technology can be a complex and challenging area for many organizations. Therefore, we work closely with our customers to understand their unique needs and design solutions that meet those needs. Our aim is to provide customers with the right technology solutions that will help them achieve their goals, increase productivity, and drive growth.

Whether customers require fully outsourced IT services or a co-managed solution, we have the expertise to deliver. Our managed IT services are flexible and scalable, ensuring that we can meet the changing needs of our customers as their businesses grow and evolve.

Beyond the Box is a Melbourne-based IT services provider that offers managed IT services with personality. We pride ourselves on providing friendly and approachable technicians who are experts in their field. Our aim is to help customers succeed with technology while leaving a smile on their face. With a focus on designing solutions that meet our customers' unique needs, we are a trusted partner for businesses, schools, and not-for-profits in Melbourne.

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