We recommend (if possible) that you perform the following steps before bringing your device in to us. These quick tips might even fix the issue!

  1. Try turning your iPhone or iPad off then on again.
  2. Try restoring your iPhone or iPad to factory settings, and seeing if the issue continues (make sure you have a backup first!)
  3. Try backing up and restoring your iPhone or iPad through iTunes on a Mac or PC

If these tips didn’t fix the problem with your device (or weren’t relevant to your issue), then you will need to come in and see us. You can come in any time – no appointment required. For opening hours and contact details, please click here.

We understand that being without your device is difficult, and that it can be tricky to get time to bring your device in for service – here are some tips to make your service check-in experience far easier and faster:

  1. Ensure you have a current backup of your iPhone or iPad through iCloud or in iTunes on a Mac or PC. For more information on how to backup your device, click here.
  2. Sign out of your iCloud account and disable Find my iPhone. For more information on how disable Find my iPhone, click here.
  3. Make sure you have taken note and can supply any passwords or passcodes for services you are having issues with. Beyond the Box doesn’t always need your passwords, however if your issue is specific to a service (sending or receiving email, logging into Facebook), then we may require then.
  4. Come in and see us with a smile on your face – we know it’s never fun having to get your equipment prepared, but we are here to help support you.