The Beyond the Box Cloud is a scalable, complete one-stop solution you’ll never outgrow.

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Simplify your IT Infrastructure with the Beyond the Box Cloud

The new IT buzzword is being used for a myriad of technologies and online services. For us, the Beyond the Box Cloud is all about simplifying your IT infrastructure so that you can get back to work.

Demystifying the Cloud

The Beyond the Box Cloud provides you a secure & rock solid online resource as a utility — just like electricity — rather than having to build and maintain computing infrastructures in house. Think of email: it’s likely that you don’t host it yourself on a server at your premises – the Beyond the Box cloud allows you the same convenience with your organisation’s important files, servers, and anything else you currently run in house; all fully flexible and cost effective.

Do you have a servers or storage that you have to maintain, back up, and keep upgrading year after year? Move to the Beyond the Box Cloud, and realise massive gains in convenience, performance and financial savings.

Extreme Performance & Reliability

Proven technology provides enterprise-class resiliency and reliability. Entrust your services to us with total confidence.

Infinite, on-demand Scalability

We understand that business can be unpredictable. We allow you to scale-out instantly, without performance loss or prohibitive pricing.

Rock Solid Security

Beyond the Box specialise in building secure online environments for our customers. We understand how important your data is, and work to protect it.

How can we help you with your transition to the Cloud?

At Beyond the Box, we partner and integrate with dozens of public & private cloud providers.

Our team of systems engineers and IT experts work with a myriad of cloud technologies through our vast experience in education, small business and enterprise environments.

Need a Google Apps expert? We can help. Need assistance with moving your Microsoft environment to Azure – speak to us today.

These are just some of the cloud services we can assist and support you with. Contact our team today to talk all things Cloud and Beyond!