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Want to make sure your technology is set up right? Our friendly Beyond the Box technicians offer a home setup and installation service across Metro Melbourne and Beyond*!

Beyond the Box Professional Services


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Have your new Mac installed by the experts in your home!

We can ensure your new Mac is installed correctly, and configured to your precise needs. One of our experts will deliver your new computer, set it up for internet and email, and make sure it is backing up your precious files.

We can:

  • Deliver, unpack and run through the setup of your new machine.
  • Connect your computer to an existing wired/wireless network.
  • Configure your new Mac to connect to the internet, and access your email.
  • Ensure that your new Mac is set to back up all your files.
  • Connect another device like a scanner or printer.

Want to make sure your wireless network is fast, secure, and simple to use?

One of our experts will set up a new network with the latest technologies, or optimize your existing setup.

We can:

  • Tailor a wireless network solution to your particular needs and environment
  • Extend your network so that everyone in the house is happy; at last!
  • Configure your modem/router with the best settings for your internet connection
  • Ensure that your connection and network is configured securely and privately.

Are your photos and documents being backed up securely?

A good backup is essential to ensure your precious memories and documents are protected. One of our experts will work out the best backup strategy for you, set it up, and then show you how easy it is to get your data back.

We can:

  • Tailor a backup solution specifically for your needs
  • Format and configure an external hard drive to backup to Time Machine
  • Discuss the possibilities and advantages of backup to the cloud
  • Show you how to recover your files in the event you lose them

Contact our friendly team today to discuss how we can help you!

* Extended call-out fees may apply for travel outside 25km from Melbourne's GPO.

Professional Services

Beyond the Box - supporting you with your technology.

Beyond the Box by name and nature; our expert professional services team install, configure and support a large range of technology solutions for our customers every single day. From home users and small businesses to educational institutions and enterprise, our team are here to help.

Our team of experienced system engineers proudly offer:

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