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Tryten Security Mount For Apple TV (2nd-3rd Gen)


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Tryten Security Mount For Apple TV (2nd-3rd Gen)

The Apple TV Security Mount is the simplest mount on the market to install while providing the highest available security for your Apple TV. Apple TV gives you access to tons of great HD content in a tiny package but can be a target for theft and easily damaged. This Security Mount effectively prevents both threats.

Not only can it attach to any flat surface, it is also compatible with both 75mm and 100mm VESA mounts providing unparalleled versatility. This product is ideal for classrooms, computer labs, digital signage systems, interactive whiteboards, kiosks, and retail displays.

The Apple TV Security Mount secures your Apple TV using an anti-pick high security lock. This lock is simple in design, but nearly impossible to defeat when installed. Since being first to market with this product in 2012 we have sold thousands of Apple TV Security Mounts to governments, educational institutions, and Fortune 500 businesses without a single report of theft.

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