Don’t Delay: Get Your iPhone Battery Replacement Today

Getting an iPhone battery replacement is easier than ever with Beyond the Box.

If you have had your iPhone for a few years, it might be time to replace the battery. Batteries can become worn down over time, and worn-out batteries can create predicaments for iPhone users the older they become. At Beyond the Box, we want to inform our customers about the advantages of getting an iPhone battery replacement.

Benefits of Getting Your iPhone Battery Replacement at Beyond the Box

There are many places that claim they can replace iPhone batteries, but not all of them are certified and Apple authorised. At Beyond the Box, we offer iPhone battery replacement and repair that is both Apple approved and efficient. Here are a few benefits to having your iPhone battery replacement completed by Beyond the Box.

  • Fix it before it becomes a bigger problem: Your iPhone ís battery is a crucial component within your device. Our iPhone battery replacements have helped many of our customers solve or prevent common iPhone problems. Often the answer to why your iPhone keeps shutting off or heating up is a faulty battery. We specialise in Apple devices and would be more than willing to sort out your problems with a battery replacement.
  • We keep you in the loop: Sending in your iPhone or Mac to be repaired can be stressful, especially if you do not know what is happening or when you will be receiving your device again. At Beyond the Box, we keep you informed and give you all the information you need to put your mind at ease. Whether it is an iPhone battery replacement or a simple screen repair you seek, we will keep you in the know.
  • Check the warranty: Because we are affiliated with Apple, we can offer services that not every repair shop can offer. If your devices are still under warranty, then itís best to see if your issue falls under that warranty. If it does, then you can come to us, and we will repair it free of charge. Remember that warranties run out, but we still offer affordable solutions beyond the length of your warranty. You will always have options.

Problems with Not Getting an iPhone Battery Replacement

Ignoring the signs that your Apple iPhone battery needs a replacement can create more problems than it solves. Here are just a few issues you may have when you decide to put off your iPhone battery replacement for just one more day.

  • Is my iPhone getting bigger? When your iPhoneís battery ages, it can swell. This swelling damages the case and all the small components inside your iPhoneóand it makes the iPhone unsafe to use, as one puncture to the swollen battery can release all the chemicals inside. Don’t wait for this to happen. Get a replacement today and avoid these risks altogether.
  • Boiling phone: An iPhone battery generates heat as it recharges; this is normal. What is not normal is when your phone becomes too hot to handleóliterally. Your iPhone is designed to internalise heat, but only to a certain point. A hot phone means that the shielding is not working anymore, and something is seriously wrong.

There are many reasons to replace your old iPhone’s battery, and with Beyond the Box, your pathway to battery replacement is efficient and convenient.

Contact us today–our team is ready to provide the solution to your iPhone battery frustrations.