Pricing for iPhone screen damage repair is listed below for current models. The process is a mail-in to Apple’s Repair Centre and can take 5-7 business days. If you require a loan phone in the mean time we can assist with this, however this does depend on our current stock of loan phones. For more information on loan phone availability, please contact us.

iPhone ModelDisplay Replacement Price *
iPhone 5$209.00
iPhone 5C$209.00
iPhone 5S$209.00
iPhone SE$209.00
iPhone 6$209.00
iPhone 6 Plus$229.00
iPhone 6S$229.00
iPhone 6S Plus$269.00
iPhone 7$229.00
iPhone 7 Plus$269.00
iPhone 8$229.00
iPhone 8 Plus$269.00

* Prices listed are for replacement of your iPhone display, which may or may not be possible depending on the level of damage to your iPhone. For a quote on repairing your iPhone, contact us for more information. Pricing is current as of 30th October 2017, and is subject to change. E&OE.