Beyond the Box – supporting you with your technology.

We are a family owned and run business with over 20 years experience in delivering and supporting the highest quality IT solutions for our clients. We understand that technology is as important to your business or organisation as it is to ours.

We proudly use the tools that we sell and support, and power our business with the same technologies that we recommend and manage for our customers customers every single day.

For small & medium business to K-12 schools and higher education, our team of experienced account managers and systems engineers are here to support you with any technology project or program.

Right now, our expert team are:

Delivering Amazing Fully Managed IT Experiences

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Are you finding yourself spending too much time on IT and not enough running your business?

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Ensuring Critical Data is Backed Up & Protected

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Is your organisation and client data protected? Do you have an adequate backup plan?

Click here to learn about PlanBe Managed Cloud Backup.

Deploying Seamless Apple Device Rollouts

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Do you need help or advice with a rollout of iPad, iPhone, or Mac?

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Helping Organisations Move to the Cloud

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Are you interested in how Cloud services can revolutionise your organisation?

Click here to discover the Beyond the Box Cloud.

Designing Amazing High Density Wi-Fi

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Is reliable, fast wireless access important to your users?

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Building Networks with Unprecedented Visibility

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Does your network protect your users whilst providing granular application level control and monitoring?

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and much more! Contact us today to learn how we can transform your technology.